Whether you are just starting out on your journey in paediatrics, or you are a seasoned professional with many years under your belt - there is always something more to learn! Our committee have a number of suggested educational resources, ranging from exam revision to podcasts. Read more below... 

Don't Forget the Bubbles

Infamous among paediatricians, this website shares little bubbles of knowledge on paediatrics and child health but so much more, with their output expanding to international courses and now an MSc. 

Two Paeds in a Pod

This brilliant, fun and accessible podcast is aimed at health care professionals new to paediatrics or those who occasionally care for children as part of a wider healthcare role.

Clinical cases series

Edited by RCPCH Chair of Theory Examination Papers and PEdSIG Vice President, Dr Will Carroll, the Clinical Cases series for MRCPCH Foundation of Practice and Theory and Science bring together almost 40 authors each and have been invaluable for helping junior members of the PEdSIG Committee pass their exams!

Paediatrics and Child Health Journal

An authoritative and comprehensive resource that provides all paediatricians and child health care specialists with up-to-date reviews on all aspects of hospital/community paediatrics and neonatology, including investigations and technical procedures. It can currently be accessed via the BMA library on Clinical Key - which makes all its content and back catalogue free to BMA members

Life in the Fast Lane

An emergency medicine and critical care education blog, this website is an absolute invaluable resource, especially for explaining tricky concepts in physiology and intensive care, for children as well as adults. 

Zero to Finals

Although aimed at medical students this is still a really helpful, concise and relevant website for refreshing your memory on paediatric topics as a junior doctor. A podcast with accompanying website, videos and a book!

Geeky Medics

The infamous Geeky Medics saves many a medical student when revising for OSCEs. However, it is still extremely helpful when revising for the MRCPCH Clinical exam, and you need to know all the dermatomes for your neuro exam, and also when going through the steps of how to do a baby check.

Spotting the Sick Child

Spotting the Sick Child is an interactive tool designed to support health professionals in the assessment of the acutely sick child.

Skin Deep

The best resource for diagnosing skin conditions in children on the internet. A free, open-access bank of high-quality photographs of medical conditions in a range of skin tones for use by both healthcare professionals and the public.


You can't pass medical school finals these days without at least once using Anki. Anki is a flashcard app which allows you to use freely available flashcard packs created by other users. Invaluable also for MRCPCH Clinicals for revising developmental milestones and the character of murmurs, via flashcards!


An incredible resource of guidelines in neonatal medicine, run from New Zealand. They also run a Starship Wednesday Paediatric Update every second Wednesday morning from 8:00 - 9:00 am via Zoom.

Master the MRCPCH Podcast

This podcast, produced by the GOSH Learning Academy, is an invaluable resource for all paediatricians, not just those revising for Clinicals. Freely available, with episodes around half an hour long, with expert and accessible discussion of key paediatric presentations and conditions.

You're Kidding, Right?

Paediatric medical education podcast. Created by two Australian doctors, this podcast covers a huge variety of paediatric conditions, presenting it as a case, diagnosis and management. Easy to understand and really useful for both medical students and postgraduate exams. 

Tala Talks NICU

Youtube channel. An American neonatal consultant covers a huge variety of topics from heel pricks to intubation. A really useful resource when starting your first neonatal job. 

Archives of Disease in Childhood

An international and peer-reviewed journal specialising in child health, covering the perinatal period through to adolescence. As the official journal for the RCPCH, ADC provides paediatricians with original research reports, commentaries, clinical and policy reviews, and education.

eMurmur Heartpedia App

Free app giving an oversight of congenital heart conditions with a 3D model, description and audio recording of murmurs for each condition. 

Paediatric FOAMed

An incredible free open access resource of articles and teaching in paediatrics! An huge range of topics ranging from PICU, allergy, community paediatrics, child protection as well as careers and work life.

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