Learning on the Job – PEdSIG @RCPCH15 – reading material

We really hope that you enjoy the PEdSIG@RCPCH15 workshop.  Please see a selection of papers that will complement the afternoon.  Handy train reading to give you more of a flavour on how to make the most of “learning on the job”!

Work Based Learning – Clare Morris

Training learning for thefuture – making change happen (PMJ 2014 Klaber)

Teaching when time is limited (Irby)

Shape of Training (Archives)

One minute preceptor (Neher 1992)

Handover Arch Dis Child Educ Pract Ed-2009-Klaber-118-22

Competency based training -Brightwell

RCPCH Programme: #RCPCH15 Programme (PEdSIG information on Page 20)

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