@PEdSIG #RCPCH15 – “Learning on the Job” – taking it all back to the workplace, thoughts from the workshops

Q: What do you get when you take 50+ paediatric trainees/trainers/medical students, 7 fantastic facilitators, 3 challenges and 6 flipcharts?  A: Many solutions and a roomful of conversation… (oh, and not much space left on the flipcharts!)

BK_opening workshop

PEdSIG was delighted to welcome a roomful of enthusiastic delegates to the symposium “Learning on the Job: Are service and training mutually exclusive?” The session was opened by Bob Klaber who talked passionately about the importance of “reflection, commitment and permission” to enable learning on the job. Following a “relatively” smooth (and unplanned) room swap the workshop began tackling 3 important challenges faced by trainers/trainees on a daily basis. All participants rotated through each of the three workshops adding iteratively to a summary provided by the facilitator from the previous group. Here are some of the many solutions/ideas to take back to YOUR workplace:

“Learning in any environment – Challenges, opportunities and solutions”

  • Make the learning “bite sized” – don’t attempt to learn everything in one afternoon/clinic/hour
  • Follow the patient….they cross a lot of environments. Reflect and learn in each
  • Focus the learning…what is the take home message?
  • Take ownership of your own learning
  • Signpost the learning “We’ve just seen this young person…. What have you just learnt? Let’s look at the guidelines together”
  • Role model. Demonstrate that learning is lifelong….“this is what I have just learnt during the ward round this morning”

“Learning in paediatrics – How do we keep it relevant for medical students?”

  • Be realistic with prior knowledge of medical students. Encourage “having a go” and give “permission to get it wrong”…we have all been there
  • Include medical and nursing students in simulation
  • Think about how to include paediatrics in other specialty placements
  • Get them involved….shadow nursing staff….learn how to write in notes
  • Don’t forget the importance of the patient journey. We can all learn a lot from talking to families and children/young people
  • Encourage learning from other professionals in the patient pathway…radiologists/physios etc. etc.

“Competency based training and Work Place Based Assessments/Supervised Learning Events(SLEs) – How can we make them useful?”

  • Electronic app allowing for easier completion of SLE feedback in a timely manner (It’s coming….watch this space)
  • Nomenclature is important….. hence the move from WPBAs to SLEs and learning from everyday encounters
  • Trainer initiated assessments “giving permission”
  • Allocated assessment days for trainees to sign up to…or mornings – or at the very least timetabling them
  • Educational supervisor to stay with you for longer than the current 6 months to help guide development. Is this possible in your trust?
  • Teaching/learning outpatient clinics – novel ways of completion & “2 for the price of one” (eg. watch the ST6-8 give feedback to ST1-3 on the interaction they have just had and feedback to both)

Workshop 5

We then heard 6 marvellous oral presentations from across the UK and 12 “bite sized” poster presentations chaired by committee members Steph Connaire and Tash Bearpark. Details of some of the posters and oral presentations are available on the PEdSIG website and check out ADC online for all the abstracts here.

PEdSIG would like to say a huge thank you to Peter Bale, Rose Crowley and Simon Li for expertly facilitating the workshops, and for Alex Brightwell, Hannah Jacob and Caroline Fertleman from the committee who ran a second set. Also, thanks to Bob Klaber, who got a roomful of people and 6 flipcharts moved relatively unscathed. Thank you also for the delegates’ enthusiasm and ideas which we are sharing above.

Congratulations to Miss Daisy Wylam (winner for the best poster presentation “What do Paediatricians and General Practitioners think should be included in the undergraduate paediatric curriculum?”) and Dr Lara Menzies (winner of the oral presentation “Improving leadership and management skills in junior doctors approaching registrar level through a Transition to Leadership course”).

Finally, a big well done and thank you to Sarah Eisen for a well organised meeting. See you all on 4/11/15 for the PEdSIG winter meeting and combined launch of the National Paediatric Undergraduate Curriculum at ICH, London

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