Following the success of last year’s meeting, the annual PEdSIG Spring Meeting will take place at the RCPCH Conference in Liverpool on 26th April 2016.  

This year we have joined forces with the Paediatric Mental Health Association (PMHA) for a fantastic workshop exploring some of the many challenges and barriers faced by the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community in relation to healthcare.

So what is our session all about?

Equality of healthcare for the LGBT+ community is an increasingly important issue, which extends to healthcare of LGBT+ children and young people, and of children of LGBT+ parents. We know that LGBT+ young people face inequalities in both their access to and experience of healthcare. The same applies to LGBT+ parents of paediatric patients. These barriers to healthcare are under-researched, poorly understood and infrequently addressed. 

Thanks largely to the work of charity organisations in recent years, we are starting to understand the specific healthcare needs of LGBT+ young people and the contributing factors behind the shocking statistics particularly around bullying, mental health, self-harm and suicide. 

Appropriate healthcare for LGBT+ people starts with eliminating discrimination and ending stigma, and education of healthcare professionals is a key means of achieving this through awareness and advocacy. Work has already begun with a group working in paediatrics and child mental health suggesting modifications to the RCPCH general curriculum. By introducing LGBT+ health competencies throughout the curriculum, it is hoped that all paediatric doctors will become aware of the wide range of inequalities and barriers to accessing healthcare that young LGBT+ patients and children of LGBT+ parents face.

This interactive workshop, supported by Stonewall, will explore some of the many challenges and barriers faced by both LGBT+ young people and same-sex parents of paediatric patients. We encourage everyone who is interested to attend, not just paediatric trainees. Whilst we shall briefly touch on curriculum changes, the majority of the session will delve into topics of discussion relevant to everyone working in paediatric healthcare.

We look forward to welcoming you at our workshop on 26/4/2016 13:45-18:00! For information on how to register visit the RCPCH website


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