Highlights from the PEdSIG Winter Meeting November 4th 2015: “How to Inspire Careers in Child Health: Supporting a Bottom up Approach”

PEdSIG was delighted to welcome delegates from all over the country to the RCPCH in London for our Winter meeting. The focus of the meeting was on inspiring the future workforce.

The day started with 4 fantastic presentations from Undergraduates who talked about innovation they had developed locally. Jessica Salikand and Emily van Blankenstein from UCL Medical School told us about their fantastic teaching programme for undergraduates thinking about “Sexuality in Healthcare”. This was followed by Ffion James from Cardiff University Medical School who described her e-learning module for multi-professionals on using Twitter. Her take home message was to make sure when developing E-learning packages to get to know your software before starting! Top tips for creating an e-learning package is the use of xerte.org.uk. Sunila Prasad gave a passionate and thought provoking presentation on her BSc project on an exploration of narratives related to the cultural framework of female genital cutting and the impact on campaigning strategies. A timely remember of the new legislation regarding FGM. Last, but not least, Susannah Olive from Cardiff gave us a basic guide to writing a literature review. Often the simple things are the best! Well done to all our presenters demonstrating how you can move projects forward at any level of training.

Next up was Damian Roland who asked the question “If Undergraduates are on Social Media – should you be?” He made the fantastic point that social media is just another way of transferring information, taking it away from the chalk board of days gone by to the Twitter feed. Damian explained that by following the right people on Twitter he has saved time in the long run by reading the highlights from information they have gathered.

And then it was workshop time! “The Great British Teach Off”. The workshop was a lively hour of pick’n’mix teaching techniques for medical students. We’ve all been there – that heart sink moment when you arrive on the ward, and five keen medical students await you, ready for the teaching session you had forgotten about and haven’t prepared. Well, worry no longer –these tips and tricks will stand you in good stead for any topic they want to learn about!

Each group prepared an off the cuff teaching session “on asthma” in five minutes, using a particular teaching technique. First up was a practical skills session – not only how to use a peak flow meter, but how to spot your patients rigging the results. Students appreciated the “real life” relevance of the session and the chance to practice using equipment for themselves. Next was the snowball teaching method – the students passed around large sheets of paper collating and developing their ideas, each building on the work done by the others. They responded well to the active engagement and the sharing of ideas meant that even those less confident were able to join in. The “one minute preceptor” model managed, in five minutes and with the help of a powerful patient video, to get the students to commit to learning objectives, respond to feedback and derive a principle to take away. Student voters scored and critiqued each session, highlighting what worked – and what didn’t. Joint winners were the lecture session (a potentially “dry” method successfully enlivened by use of three enthusiastic role players) and an innovative picture quiz.

The morning finished with two excellent presentations from trainees who were picked from the abstracts submitted to present their posters orally. Gareth Jones told us about the development of virtual patients as a way for undergraduates to learn, putting the student at the centre of the decision making. Eleanor Nash then discussed the uses of problem based learning.  Throughout the morning delegates viewed the posters submitted. Congratulations to Soad Habeeb whose poster was chosen as the winning poster.  Oral presentations can be viewed here.
Join us at the RCPCH conference in April when we will be joining forces with the Paediatric Mental Health Association (Twitter: @PaedMHAssoc) on 26th April. Details of how to register can be found on the RCPCH website.

Until then have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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